Beer & Barre

Barre and Beer combined forces last weekend for one crazy booty burning bonanza!!!

At Empower Photography, we are honored to attend and photograph countless events throughout this great city of Seattle and we can say without question, the Pure Barre community really brings the energy and excitement! We have had the pleasure of building a relationship with Pure Barre community over the past couple years through our shared love for fitness. Speer headed by fitness icon Sami Sweeney, the Pure Barre community continues to grow year after year and has formed into one of the most passionate, supportive and tight knit groups in the PNW.

New studio owner Shiva Hippely, brings an exciting passion and fire to her Capital Hill location and she wasted no time in planning her first pop up event. Partnering with local business Optimism Brewing, Shiva and the team found a winning combination of alcohol and exercise. Optimism Brewing made host to some 140+ Pure Barre fanatics on Sunday April 7th for an intense workout and friendly social gathering. Cold beer and snacks make for a delightful reward after the workout and a multitude of raffle items were awarded to lucky recipients.

If you have never attended a Pure Barre event, we highly recommend it and we cant wait to meet you!

Be sure to sign up early as these events typically sell out quickly!

Snow in Seattle

Its winter in the Pacific Northwest and at the time of writing this we are thoroughly sick of the snow! Several days ago we had the first real snow fall of the season and Seattle was painted in a beautiful white coat of fresh snow. Excitement was high where we live in downtown Kirkland so we decided to venture out and explore the freshly fallen snow.


If there’s one thing you’ll learn about my wife is that she absolutely loves photos so she jumped at the opportunity for a snowy photoshoot. I had recently picked up a second hand Canon 7d on OfferUp so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to take it for a test run. I had never worked with a crop sensor camera but a wider lens made a great pairing. Jane styled her makeup and picked out several cute and cozy outfits. For a camera that is the better part of 10 years old, I was thoroughly impressed! Of course it helps to have beautiful subject matter :-)

We ended the day with a hot cup of coffee and a warm cookie from Metropolitan Market.

Now at the time writing this, several days later, we are ready for the snow to be gone. Mother nature has had life on hold for the past few days and we are ready for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas.